Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Something You Should Enter, Even if it Decreases My Chances of Winning

Fabulous editor C.A. Marshall is holding another contest! What is the prize you ask? A free full edit of up to 100 K words I say! Wow. Just wow. Click below for the link (I put a button on the side, too, but more because of extra entries than generosity! I'm so bad).

I think it's really generous of her to give away her editing time like this since she's not only a freelance editor, but also a writer and a lit agency intern. I'm also pretty sure she never sleeps. You can enter once per day, so don't forget! It ends December 10th!

I'm probably going to mention this every day until then, but don't worry. I'll keep up with the nonsensical ramblings you know and love.

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