Sunday, December 12, 2010

More Random Thoughts. Again.

Okay, time for an interesting update. So more random thoughts I’ve coupled together so I can spend the rest of the day writing. 

---You can’t listen to an iPod or any MP3 player at full volume for more than five minutes without some hearing damage. However, at eighty percent you can go for an hour and a half and at sixty, the whole day.
---My parents went to Disney World for their anniversary not long ago. My dad complained about the crowds. I’m sorry, but it’s freaking Disney World. What did you expect? Next you’ll be complaining about the costumed characters or the humidity.
---Antidisestablishmentarianisms. It’s a very long word. I’ll just leave that right here.
---The butler did it with a candlestick in the drawing room.
---Remember The Far Side? I always loved it. Once, there are two chimps, a male and a female, and the female is looking at a long hair and accusing the male of “conducting a little more ‘research’ with that Jane Goodall tramp?’ Jane Goodall thought it was funny, but the executive director of her institute, without consulting her, sent a letter of complaint to Gary Larson that was published in the newspaper.
---Also, Jane Goodall has prosopagnosia; she can’t recognize faces.
---I know. I’m not doing the notations like I did last time. Because I am very, very lazy. Also, all of these are true. Go ahead. Look them up.
---There’s a lot of flap about the TSA pat downs and body scanners, which were implemented because of the underwear bomber. But you know what’s going to happen next? Someone’s going to get on a plane with a bomb up their pooper. You know what that will lead to. I think it’s time we think of something before TSA agents are performing exploratory surgery before allowing fliers on planes.
---Is it flier or flyer?
---For that matter, is it drier or dryer? I’ve seen it used both ways to mean “more dry” and “a machine that dries clothes.” Even says it can be either.
---How many of you have seen Schindler’s List? You know the guy who plays Stern, Oskar Schindler’s assistant? He also plays Voldemort. His name is Ralph Fiennes. That’s right, Stern is trying to kill Harry Potter. Your mind has just been blown.
---Almost twenty years ago, Ice-T was a rapping about killing cops. Now he’s played one on TV for over a decade.
---A European study discovered that when babies cry, they cry similar to the speaking tones of their native tongue, i.e. French baby cries rise in pitch while German babies lower. 


  1. Do you plan these posts out in advance, writing these down as they occur to you? Or do these pop out of your brain when you sit down and write?

    Why would anyone want to listen to their iPod at full volume? (This is coming from a girl who used to turn down the stereo because her parents had it much too loud. When I was 13.)

  2. Love these, very interesting (and funny) random thoughts :)


  3. Love this, too! I'm a bit brain dead- thanks to a head cold- and now I'm wondering about flier and flyer. Ouch. My brain hurts. I loved the Far side..

  4. Samantha: Feel better soon!

    Rach: Thanks :)

    Liz: I actually do both. Some posts I just write out, some are planned. The random thoughts are written down as I think of them and when I have enough, go up. And I can't imagine anyone listening to an iPod at full volume either. But for those out there who do, or have kids who do, be careful!

  5. I've got to give this sort of thing a try!

    It's always the butler!


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