Monday, December 27, 2010

Kind of a lot of Snow

It's about a foot deep, which isn't the worst it's been. It was called "the worst snowstorm of 2010," but considering the piddling storms we got last winter, that isn't saying much. There is usually a big storm at about this time of year (a little earlier actually) so I don't know why everyone treats it like we're in Florida and only see snow once a decade and have no idea how to handle this much. This probably isn't going to be the last one, and everyone's going to be just as surprised then, too.

I read once that there is a hormone that makes woman forget the pain of childbirth (which makes sense or no one would want to do it more than once) and I have to wonder if there's some sort of "disaster" hormone that makes people forget the bad storms and allow that low hanging tree to keep standing because surely there won't be another storm and even if there was, it will weather it like it did the last. Perhaps there is some sort of hormone, not natural to humans but created after generations of prosperity led to a sense of invulnerability, even willful blindness to the dangerous at hand (I've already written about the power the human mind has over the body). Because it seems like too often, people build a home in a dangerous spot and refuse to leave when the weather tears down half the house, for it certainly can't happen again, can it?

I don't know. This is just me waxing philosophic after watching car after car drive by with no lights on in near-zero visibility, and seeing too many people slide around the corner because they are driving too fast for the conditions. Or, worst of all, driving in a blizzard while talking on a cell phone. Most likely, these people returned home safe and whole.

This time.


  1. I absolutely love snow, but then I'm in the right part of the world for it. I remember a couple of years ago being at home during one storm, and the snow was falling fast, and the wind so high, that it was impossible to see the homes across the street.

  2. I know what you mean. In this part of the country, it's the rain and the mudslides. All over the news were pictures of flooded streets and businesses.

    Of course, the areas that are hardest hit differ each time, so maybe that's it. It has a lot to do with which areas got the wildfires in the summer and fall. They kind of expect it when the rains start, but they don't expect it.

    Then again, we had a lot of rain this time.

    It's best not to worry about it, I think. We should prepare, but then to spend time worrying...

    Oh, I don't know what I mean today.

  3. Ew! Snow and ice...I hope everyone is alright, but I know better. People just aren't careful enough. Even driving carefully, people can lose it too easily. Hope you are all safe though! Sounds like you have snow smarts.

  4. Ah, like watching them slide down a steep road when it's icy. What makes them think they won't crash? Amazing.

    Dark here, but no snow.

  5. I currently live in Austin, which is one of those "what the heck is this white stuff" places, so I'm sure when we get our first snow the whole place will shut down. In the meantime, I get a laugh out of my friends back in Indiana who complain about not being able to find milk or bread at any store-- somebody last year asked, "Does everybody make French toast and sit on the couch when it snows?" Hee hee.


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