Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Joy of Blogging

You can tell when I'm editing because I always talk about editing related stuff. In a way, it's therapeutic since I'm getting out all the worries and concerns about my writing. It's also a way for me to analyze what I'm doing, get a hold of the whole (often messy) problem. And of course, some of you may get ideas from what I post here.

I would say blogging has definitely improved my writing style. Part of it is the whole writing every day thing (or at least, for every day, since a lot of these are written in advance), because nothing helps hone a craft like practice, practice practice! It might not be fiction, but it is coming up with ideas, typing them, rereading it to make sure it makes sense and isn't the rantings of a madwoman. I think I might miss that last part sometimes.

And I can't forget about all the blogging buddies I've met over the past few months. Whenever I have a question or feel discouraged, I post about it and sure enough, there are others going through the same thing or did in the past. Visiting other blogs is fun, but also informative. I get ideas about how to write, how to edit... all the things I need to push me along.

So that's it. Not a big post. I should be getting back to writing.


  1. Whoa, you write in advance? Wild!

    Blogging every day has helped me to be a lot more alert to the world around me... when I know that I'm going to be writing later, by golly, I'd better have something to write about! It definitely helps.

  2. You know, I think I'd say that blogging has improved my writing, too. It's helped me not stress over every word, and it's helped me become a bit more concise.

    Like Jhon said, not a big post. But definitely an insightful post!

  3. It does help in so many ways. Glad to of met you too. :) Good luck with your edits.

  4. It definitely helps. I like having that accountability; if you stop, your followers notice. I also like that it isn't so darn formal. Essentially, bloggers can choose any topic and write it in any style. Blogland is a judgment free zone!

  5. Jhon: Well, it's Sunday.

    Su: Most of the time I write in advance. Strangely enough, this post was not one of those ; ).

    Jennifer: I agree with the concise, although I think I still stress over every word!

    Kindros: Thanks : D

    Paul: The accountability really does help. If I write something meh it feels like I'm letting people down! So I learn to write more, better. Well, I hope better.

  6. Blogging has helped me too! I was sooooo resistant to the idea at first, but it really is a "joy"!


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