Monday, February 28, 2011

Random Thoughts

Because I haven’t done this in a while.

---I really think Charlie Sheen is funnier now than when Two and Half Men was first on.
---Also: best “series finale” ever at Videogum.
---The last American WWI Veteran died. He was 110.
---Looking at the list of Oscar winners, all I can do is go “Well, duh.”
---Among the millions of other things he’s doing, James Franco is teaching a class. On James Franco.
---So many other cat owners have told me how their cats also chew up their nail files/emery boards. What is up with that? Seriously, my cat rips apart things to get to the nail file and chew it up.
---Yay! It’s Girl Scout Cookie season!
---Future news: 2030: “Doctor James Franco cures cancer. All of it.”
---Okay, this is getting cut short. I had to go help my sister with something and it just ate up my time. Sorry. Wait for the next installment.


  1. Wow, that WWI veteran dieing blew me away.

  2. lol You sure it's not Justin Bieber. He's everywhere.

    One of my cats is that way about rubberbands.

  3. I love people's random thoughts! Love it!

  4. That's brilliant. Except for the last WWI vet dying. Although, 110? Wow!

    I'm just amazed that cats can chew up nail files. It must feel good on their teeth? Kitty brushing, I guess?

  5. Wait, he's teaching a class on himself?!? ;)

  6. I heard on the radio this morning some of an interview Sheen just did where he told the guy he deserved to be paid more than the 2million an episode he is(was?) being paid because he was just that awesome. (his words were more flowery and self indulgent) But he is so funny!

  7. --James Franco looked stoned throughout the entire awards ceremony. Maybe he was planning his class.

    --My cat loves to lick plastic bags.

    --Samoas are far and away THE best Girl Scout cookie. Indisputably.

    --I love your random thoughts.

  8. I don't understand why people like James Franco. I think he's a terrible actor.

    Also...I'm torn with my feelings for Charlie Sheen. I admire him for his cahones in standing up to anyone and everyone. I dislike him for being the sole reason for so many people losing jobs.


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