Friday, February 18, 2011

Distraction Back to Friday

For today’s installment, I thought I’d introduce you guys to a cute, kid-friendly webcomic that can be enjoyed by anyone. It’s called Silent Kimbly[] and centers around the adventures of the titular character, a little space girl, and her zany friends. Like the title implies, Kimbly, along with the rest of the cast, remains silent. The comic is full of visual gags accompanied by a phrase of narration that usually involves a pun.

The comic was created by Ryan Sias, whose work can be found all over the place and is really quite amazing. The vivid pictures are always accompanied by amusing dialog.

Perhaps the only drawback to this comic is that Silent Kimbly no longer updates. It’s too bad because it’s full of cute characters (including the ball of fluff Tenderness, the naughty Cruelness, and the cute little Binx) participating in various puns, usually with crazy looking characters as visualization or by pointing out the literal meanings of things. Of course, not everything is a pun. Some things are just for fun.

It’s really amusing to see the different turns of phrase. So enjoy a look!


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