Thursday, February 10, 2011

Status Report

Remember a few weeks ago when talked about having a scene I'm writing click? I just had that for a whole character. He was kind of extraneous, only along for the ride, and I as debating getting rid of him all together when I realized a way to not only keep him, but to make him an actual part of the story. It was great! Except now I have a bit of rewriting to do.

So, now I'm kind of focusing all my writing on my WIP, which means I've had to dip into my cache of blog posts to keep things interesting. But eventually, the cache runs out and you have to make up some filler. Ladies and gentlemen: today is such a day.

The weekend is usually when I write my advanced posts, so by tomorrow (distraction Friday, by the way) things will be back to their usual inanity. I've got a bunch of ideas but I'm on such a hot streak with my other work, I hate to interrupt it. It's like how you go gambling and when you're a little ahead, you can't quit and then when you're behind, you have to make it all back.

But I am interested in hearing how your WIPs are going! Any troubles? What draft are you on? How close do you think you are to being "finished"?


  1. Go with it! Don't get side-tracked when you're on a roll with a WIP.
    Edge of Your Seat Romance

  2. No writing recently. Work work work. :(

  3. Agree, go with it!
    Revisions slowly progressing but that is something!

  4. Academics keeps getting in the way for me, but I've passed third base in the WIP and am dashing for home plate.

    No, it's not a baseball book.


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