Friday, February 4, 2011

Distraction Friday

Because I love all of you so much.

Anyway, this week I’d like to tell you about a Tumblr account called Daily Animation (although you should note that it’s not always every day…the guy who runs it does have a life). It’s filled with awesome bits of animation, some recent, some old (and I mean old; like older than all of us), some just little bits of cartoons, some from other countries. Not just straight animation, either. They also have the more 3D-esque types.

Besides displaying the funny, bizarre and the touching, there is also the just plain wrong. The guy who runs this put up the “censored eleven,” old Disney cartoons from the era of incredible insensitivity. He puts them up in a historical context, reminding everyone that as wrong as they are, they were made in a time when people thought these stereotypes were okay. No, it’s not something I’d like my nonexistent children to see, but I’ve watched them and shook my head in disbelief that these were ever thought to be funny. But they were. And that’s the point of putting them up. Looking at them put my grandparents' generation in a new light. Raised with stuff like this as the norm, I understood (although still be disgusted by) why they freaked out because my mom went to her senior prom with a black guy.

Really, the historical context of any of the cartoons is interesting. It’s not just the racist ones that make me go “What were they thinking?” (although that voice seems to be the loudest). Looking at this old Betty Boop design makes me suck in my gut to uncomfortable levels. In fact, most of the old female designs do. Did women in the fifties all have seventeen inch waists or something?

Finally, I leave you all with this one. Make of it what you will. I sure don’t know what to do with it.


  1. Thanks for the site, I'll be checking it our more later. :) Have a great weekend.

  2. Thanks so much for telling me about this site! It's awesome :)

  3. great find - yet another thing to occupy the times I am suppose to be writing.

  4. Ha! Interesting links--thanks for sharing!

    As for tiny waists, well, if you want boobs and hips, you gotta have a spare tire too or it ain't natural, LOL! ;)-

  5. Sounds like a cool site! I'll definitely be checking it out thanks!

  6. My grandmother had an 18 inch waist when she married around the time of WWI. I believe that all the growth hormones in our food has almost eliminated that size unless you bolemic.
    N. R. Williams, fantasy author

  7. Well, that's going to give me nightmares. Also, if I were fishing and my fish had bite marks when I reeled it in, I would STOP STANDING IN THE WATER.

    I never was a Betty Boop fan-- a bit too grown-up when I was a kid, and a bit too looks-centered for me now. :/

  8. The Hidden People... whoa, that's spooky!


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