Saturday, February 12, 2011


So, I found a new toy : ). Once again, we’re going back to Newgrounds to spend the rest of the day playing flash games. Although, this one isn’t exactly a game. Instead, Pencil Madness is a drawing tool. Look at what I drew:

As you can plainly see, it’s a bunny, a flower, some sort of snail thing and a kitty.

I’m just really amazed at how easy the brushes are to use. It’s no miracle worker, but I’ve told you how little drawing talent I have and that bunny looks nice! If you have the time and want to fool around a little, have some fun. You’ve earned it.


  1. Very cool! I stopped by in a brief study break... I'm trying to get 2 weeks' worth of homework done this weekend, so I'd better steer clear of your distractions. :) Time to stop goofing off...

  2. Oh! Gosh! That is too fun! Wow, killed a good...20 minutes without even noticing! Definitely didn't need that distraction!

  3. Now that's definitely fun! I'll have to try that some more!


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