Friday, January 28, 2011

Some More Gaming Fun

Why another game site you ask? Oh, no reason in particular. Certainly not to drive every other writer to distraction in order to have a better shot at being published.

Certainly not.

Anyway, if you like games as much as I do, check out Like Newgrounds, it’s filled with flash games by amateurs—in the unpaid sense; many of them are quite good. There is a kind of morbid series called Casuality where you try to figure out ways to kill stickmen. It’s actually quite amusing. If you like escape-room games, there is This Is The Only Level where you try to beat the same level in numerous different ways and with different challenges. There are also games where you click on objects, combine them and use them to escape rooms, games based on realistic physics, and cool crime/investigation type games.

Don’t think these are the only ones. I just like puzzle type games so they are the ones I know about. There are also action games (RPGs and the like), shooters, and “girly” games about life, designing and coloring.

So go ahead! Play! Don’t work on your novel!

Just kidding. But it is fun for a quick break.


  1. A fun, quick break that turns into hours of "let's see what this other game is like." Very enjoyable and completely endorse it though. :)

  2. Like there isn't enough distraction in my life! I should have known you had a nefarious plot.

    *goes off to come up with my own nefariousness*


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