Friday, January 21, 2011

Animation Domination

I’m a huge fan of cartoons and comics. I’ve always wanted to draw but unfortunately, my skills with a pen are poor at best. Those of you who follow me on Twitter—have you seen my current avatar? I made it in Microsoft Paint. It is the closest I will ever come to drawing. And so, I admire cartoonists and animators, because not only can they write, they can draw. Makes me feel useless.

Last week, I informed you about Newgrounds. This week, I’ll tell you about a cartoon series I found there called College University, about Mike and Parks, two college freshman at the aforementioned university (which has such classes as Witch Hunting and Monkey Physics) and their wacky adventures with Bigfoot, an alien no one seems to care is an alien, Optimus Prime, Macho Man Randy Savage (really), and a colorful leprechaun named Studystilskin.

Sadly, they’re not putting out any new episodes as the creators, brothers named Mike and Andy Parker, have moved on. Mike is still animating and doing voices a variety of pieces, including shorts for College Humor, Funny or Die, and Comedy Central (he animated Duperman for Important Things with Demetri Martin).

After looking at CU, I suggest you check out his Tumblr for more hilarity. His Clock Suckers series is another great one, about three twenty year old slackers who inherit a time machine and do their best to screw up both the past and the future. He also has some great one-offs, like F1rst, The Dark Knight Meets Superman (highly recommended), and Harry Potter and the Douchebag Magicians.

In all, he has some great stuff if you like to laugh as much as I do. Also, since Mike Parker is a guy who is making a living off his animations, it makes me think I might be able to do the same with my stories. At least, some day.


  1. I could always use more laughter! Although I'm afraid I might spend more time there than is advisable, if I start. :/

  2. That's likely with me too, Su!

    I'm not an artist, but love toons....


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