Friday, January 7, 2011

More Complaints About Penmanship

First of all, my mom keeps things in the weirdest places. I was looking for a recipe in the recipe box, which also contained prom pictures of someone I don’t know, old popsicle sticks with jokes printed on them, a business card, and a letter I wrote in third grade.

I can’t remember the exact reasons I wrote it, but I think it was an assignment to teach us how to write a letter and mail it. I’m amused to note that the spelling and grammar has improved (boy, I really loved capitalizing everything; must be the German in me) but the actual writing is almost exactly the same.

Kind of sad, isn’t it?

I especially love how I write “It’s not Perfect But its good.” And my spelling of different, gym and music (muice…that’s not even close)! And mack instead of make! But, strangely enough, I spelled Wednesday correctly. Must be because I made up a mnemonic: wed + NES (the game system, duh) + day.

Just loved finding this.

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  1. Always nice to find the odd reminder of childhood lurking around the corner or in the defunct recipe box.


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