Sunday, January 2, 2011

Keeping up with Resolutions

I said I was going to make the blog more scheduled, and here is the first part of it. My word nerdery will be appear on Wednesday, for the sole purpose of allowing me to call it Wordy Wednesday (See? This is what happens when I make schedules; I make up stupid names). Also, on Sundays after today, I'm going to look at a particular website or blog that is helpful or just plain interesting for writers.

For now, the rest of the days are going to continue to be open, a random mix of writing, editing, publishing, and whatever else I come up with. If things go well with the scheduling, I'll think up some new topics. I already have some ideas, but we'll see how things go.

Now, I'm off, because my internet connection is cutting in and out for some reason >: (. See you all later! Tomorrow, we're back to something interesting, I promise.

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  1. A schedule is a good thing. I did it on my blog, and it helps me to come up with something to write when nothing much is happening. Good luck with yours.


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