Saturday, January 29, 2011

It’s Saturday!

You know what that means. If you can manage to tear yourself away from the games I told you about yesterday, then you can learn of another website to help you stay away from the evil people out there trying to exploit your hard work and possible naivety in regards to the world of publishing.

Thinking back to my first attempt at being (dun dun dunnnn) published, I realize just how little I knew about that oft murky world. To say I didn’t know what to expect is an understatement. Perhaps it’s better to say I didn’t know what not to expect, namely what was appropriate and what was a big red flag that should send me running screaming into the night.

One of the best sources for what to watch out for is WRITER BEWARE, staffed by A.C. Crispin, Victoria Strauss and Richard C. White (sorry, I couldn’t get his website to come up). For any writer looking to be published, I recommend checking out the site. Because no matter how appealing, how perfect an offer seems, it might not be in your best interest. 

Yes, this was a short one. Sorry. Busy day today.


  1. Very cool! Thanks for the links!

  2. I wrote my first book and decided to get it published having done ZERO research into the industry. In hindsight, it's amazing I even finished a book without online writing community support.
    Thanks for posting the resources.

  3. I did find Writer Beware a few years ago. A good site. I got myself in with a so-called publisher a few years ago that was disreputable. They ARE out there, and we do have to be VERY aware!!
    Ann Best, Author


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