Friday, November 19, 2010

Typed vs. Handwritten

I love writing. But I hate writing.

Confused much?

If I ever handwrote you a letter, you’d see what I mean. My handwriting is…not good. I’ve always looked at people who write in neat, flowing script and wonder how the hell they manage to do that because nothing I ever try comes out like that. It’s more like a mix of printing and cursive that comes out unintelligibly. I can’t keep a line straight even on lined paper, that’s how bad it is.

It doesn’t help that I press down really hard on the paper and my hand often gets tired after a few paragraphs. Unfortunately, this kept me from enjoying writing for a lot of my younger years. It wasn’t until my family got a computer and took a typing class that I started to love making letters form words. 

There are people who accuse computers of being the down fall of the vile cursive style, but I’d like to say this: bunk. Cursive sucks, and that’s why we invented computers. And no, a typewriter wouldn’t help either. With my spelling skills (a story for another day), I’d end up with something even less readable than my handwriting.

My handwriting is what it is. No amount of using a pen will improve it. I mean, it hasn’t changed since fourth grade. With all the assignments I completed by hand since then, you’d think there’d be something. But there isn’t.

I’m glad I have a computer. I’m glad I can finally put my thoughts to “paper.” Without cramping my hand or having to figure out what I meant yesterday because I can’t figure it out. Is that iyger? 

What about you? I know there are people out there who could write an entire book by hand, but the thought of it makes my hand cramp with horror. But I'm interested to know if you think computers have helped writers or perhaps taken something away, like the dedication it must have taken to write Jane Eyre, Ulysses, or anything by Shakespeare. Obviously, I'm in the pro-computer camp. Thoughts?


  1. I love pretty handwritings, but I have to say I'm in the computer camp. Sometimes, I'd write by hand to get rid of a writer's block, but typing is so much faster. (I'm the slowest hand-writing person I know.)

  2. I *love* pretty handwriting, or nice, neat legible handwriting. But I can't do it. Sigh...

  3. I get the worst writer's cramp. Terrible pain. Can't write for too long or under pressure. I'd never have attempted a novel if I had to do it longhand.

    Love computers. But I have to print out my text and edit it on paper.

  4. I sometimes use longhand when kids are outside playing and laptop isn't convenient ... and I have my first book written in long hand orginally. BUT I much prefer typing. And cursive? Ugh.. it totally bites. I wonder if they'll still teach it in school in the next 50 years??

  5. Here is my philosophy on writing long hand: Art is in the mind, it doesn't matter how or what tools you use to express it or get it out of the mind. Until the artist finds his medium no one else can share his vision.

    Yeah, my handwriting sucks, but so does my doctor's but he is still a good doctor. :)

  6. P.S. I gave your blog an award go retrieve it on my site, :)


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