Tuesday, November 9, 2010

More Random Thoughts

Yes, I’m doing this again. Blame NaNoWriMo, which I have to go do right now. Don’t be mad. Or do. I can’t control your emotions. Yet.

So here’s more random trivia, observations and information. This time, I’m going to tell you which is which so you’re aware of what I know as fact (t) for trivia, (o) for something I’ve observed personally and (i) for what I’m pulling out of my ass and have no idea if it's true or not. Because forty percent of statistics are made up on the spot.

(o) In exercise videos consisting of a trainer and other people, the others are the ones that do all the exercising. The trainer spends a lot more time checking them or talking about it. Especially when it's a hard one.
(o) Also, the people in the videos are almost always smiling.
(i) Damn. I bought the wrong peanut bars.
(i) Actually, these are pretty good.
(t) Clowns are upset when politics in Washington are compared to a circus. As they should be.
(i) There was a study done that stated people swallow an average of three insects a year while sleeping. Am I the only one who asks who the hell wastes their time checking how many bugs someone eats? I mean really. Cancer. AIDS. Maybe you should get to work on that instead of some crap I’d rather not know about.
(t) The Simpsons has aired its Treehouse of Horror Halloween specials on Halloween only twice: during the third (1991) and eleventh seasons (1999). It could have done it this year but did not because of baseball. Or football. One of those.
(i) When Walter Cronkite died, people voted Jon Stewart the most trusted face in news. I was shocked. I thought Cronkite died years ago.
(i) No, I don’t want the autoformatting, damn it. Stop doing it.
(o) Treehouse is not in Word’s dictionary but fantabulous is.
(o) Cycle has both pronunciations of C in it, the sss and the kah. So does circle. I could go to the dictionary for more : )
(t) The world’s longest cat is forty seven and half inches long. Even with about eighteen inches being its tail, that’s pretty damn long.
(i) Threshold only has one H, but it’s not thresh-old.
(i) I can’t leave a bag of cat food down because I have a cat that will tear the bag open and eat until she pukes.
(t) You shouldn’t put tissues in the toilet because they are don’t degrade like toilet paper does. They can cause clogs.
(t) Until this year (2010), prostitution was legal in Rhode Island if it was indoors. Of course, what can you expect from the state that refused to go to the continental congress in 1780.
(t) If you ever have any trouble loading or viewing web pages, clear your cache (tools/internet options, clear history/cache; roughly the same for Firefox, Explorer and Chrome, but they may be called different things). Seriously, ninety five percent of internet problems can be solved by clearing your cache.
(i) Remember what I said about statistics?


  1. Fantabulous is in Word's dictionary? How interesting.

    Cool post.

  2. One small clarification: Fantabulous is in the 2010 version of Word. I think previous versions are still missing the fantabulosity of it.

  3. Fantabulous is always in my dictionary. So is asshat, in case you're wondering. Threshold has always bothered me. It's a sucky and annoying word that I keep wanting to add an H to. I'm way above the average bug eater. Either my mouth is open more often or we just have a lot more bugs here. I choose to believe the latter.

  4. Good. Asshat should be in everyone's dictionary. Also annoying? Sweetheart. T and H are supposed to be th! Darn combined words.


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