Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Reflections, 2022

This is it, the last Tuesday of 2022. Somehow. I’m not sure when this happened, but the year is almost over. And I’m sure I’ve done absolutely nothing that I intended to do.
1. Write another book. Like I haven’t been doing that enough. Oh well, at least it’s an easy resolution to keep.
Well, this is a success. It would have been a tougher resolution if I told myself to STOP writing.
2. Finish editing the book I wrote over a year ago. You know, and stop getting distracted by Shiny New Ideas.
Eh, I guess it’s finished. It’s not like there was ever any interest in it anyway.
3. Edit the book I just finished writing. Because I make poor decisions.
Hey, I did this. Good on me for keeping it easy.
4. Keep looking for ways to advance my writing. I know this one is kind of vague, but it’s basically me wanting to get better at it.
I guess I did this too? I’ve been working on different things, just not successfully.
5. Lose some weight. Of all the resolutions I’ve ever had, this is the hardest. It’s not fair. I like food…
I always seem to yo-yo within the same range…
6. Continue to avoid getting sick. I made it almost two years without getting COVID, and I intend to keep it that way.
Wow, I actually failed this one! Though I didn’t get COVID at least, just a rhinovirus. That didn’t actually congest my nose. But gave me one hell of a sore throat. Look, it was a weird couple of weeks.
7. Maybe actually be on social media more. I know, this didn’t work out so well last year.
Weirdly, I did this. Again, not really successfully. I wish there was an instruction manual with very specific instructions for how to do social media. Though now things are blowing up anyway because of the manbaby who took over Twitter and is running it into the ground because people are mean to him on there.
A weirdly successful year. For me anyway. I’d feel better about it if the world still wasn’t so apocalyptic. It just kind of sucks that the pandemic that has killed millions and harmed millions more is less of a threat than rich people who want the government to give all the money to their billion dollar corporations instead of the people working forty hours a week who don’t get paid enough money to buy food.
You know. Things.

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