Saturday, December 24, 2022

Spam Highlights, 3

Yes, still doing this. Tomorrow’s Christmas! What do you expect?

series of messages from Facebook, but with spaces between the letters, telling me someone named Anamul tried to log into the account I don’t have
I remember this day. Someone hacked into the Facebook account I don’t have. I don’t have Facebook so I don’t know, but if someone tries to log in to your account, how is it possible that they have the name of this person? Aren’t they pretending to be me?
message from Medium Angela telling me nine secrets are revealed in my reading of the angel
Large Angela is far more accurate in her Angel readings. Because she’s larger.

message saying my email ID has been selected online to received ten million dollars from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Sigh… can you imagine if stuff like this really happened? My life would be so much better. No more fear of losing my health insurance or not having enough to buy things… Sigh…

message from Security, Mary 2, warning me of a suspicious connection and a login attempt was blocked
Apparently Security comma Mary really wants to get in touch with me about my account. There has been a Suspicious Connection.

twitter follower that’s a beautiful woman constantly appearing stiff and looking down away from the camera in all her photos
I have to finish up with what was my most memorable fake follower, the woman constantly looks posed whose eyes you never see in any of the photos she’s posted. I am still one hundred percent confident she is not a real person. And I don’t mean that she’s photos stolen from the internet, I really think someone is just posing a realistic doll.


  1. Or she's drugged, so she's asleep. And the ramifications of that made this comment go really dark, really fast.

  2. My mind is going to some really scary places with that woman. Sometimes being a writer is a curse!


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