Saturday, December 3, 2022


This is what you get for helping people by giving them medicine when they’re sick.
Panel 1, I’m with a friend and they say, “Hey, sorry about giving you that cold. Is your sore throat better?” panel 2, I try to respond but nothing comes out, panel 3, I look confused, panel 4, I keep trying to talk and still nothing, panel 5, I have my hands over my mouth, panel 6, my friend says, “Oh my god. You have laryngitis. This is hilarious.” And I flip them off
Not a great week, really.


  1. I've had laryngitis the odd time. The last time was before the Covid lock down, and I had to whisper to people that it was just laryngitis, not Covid.

  2. No, it's not hilarious. If someone got you sick and gave you laryngitis, the proper response is, "I'm so mortified." And then loads of pampering.

  3. Laryngitis is quite common, and it can be quite bad. During Covid one of my colleagues had it.

  4. I had laryngitis earlier this year. No other symptoms, just lost my voice completely for a few days. So weird!


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