Saturday, December 10, 2022


My mom really needs someone else to help her with heavy things.
Panel 1, my mom is pointing at a large box and saying “this package is too heavy. I need you to carry it in for me.” And I say “Okay.”, panel 2, I say, “Huh, did you get me an ottoman for Christmas?” She says, “What the… How could you possibly know that?” panel 3, I say “Well, you did comment that my old one was looking ratty several months ago. Plus it’s about the size of an ottoman.” Panel 4, I say “Also it says it’s an ottoman on the side of the box.” Panel 5, close up of the box, which says Ottoman, and also light brown with light spelled wrong, panel 6, my mom, looking mad, says “son of a—forget you saw that!”

Also, that spelling isn’t a mistake on my part. That’s actually what the package said.


  1. Here she was, trying to be all clever, and she really didn't think that one through, did she?

  2. Assuming the box isn't to scale in your comic. Otherwise you're going to have an ottoman for your cat!

  3. Mom's plan didn't work out as well as she thought it would!

  4. She needs someone else to help her move Christmas gifts! LOL


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