Thursday, December 22, 2022

Spam Highlights, 2

More of this. It’s just so easy.

message from Free Knife saying knock knock, who’s there, a free knife
A free knife who? Don’t leave me hanging!

two messages from Samsung TV saying my order has arrived, why wait, and I have been chosen
They really couldn’t make up their mind. Not only is it two messages with two different “order numbers”, it’s also my order—except I’ve been chosen. And it’s saying Why wait! Not even a question there. Also one says Capital One in the message instead of Samsung TV. I mean, the other message was right there. It shouldn’t have been that hard for them to copy and paste.

Message written in an incredibly fancy font that I can barely read, from “congratul”, saying to check my accounts, the slots of a Vegas Casino
Okay, I can barely read this. That word has to be Vegas, but it looks like it begins with B—is that seriously supposed to be a V??? I mean, that other word has to be Verification. Plus there’s the fact that the P in Payout looks like a B as well. Did they seriously think people would click on this just because it has a very fancy font?

Comment on a blog post that’s like twelve years old talking about how I’ve shone a light on conceptual, reactive, and deceptive thought practices, though it was on an etymology post
This was a recent comment on an etymology post. Twelve years ago.
I’ve been followed by General Carter Ham on twitter, whose bio says Discipline comes with commad and Loyalty, yes that’s how it’s spelled
I seem to remember this being the name of an actual, real human being, who probably was not too happy to hear he was being imitated on twitter.


  1. Yes the actual general would know how to spell command.

  2. That calligraphy... Did you know the gangs use it? It's like been co-opted into gang script. They love to use it on their tattoos.

    I seem to recall that very same blog comment, although it was a while ago. I mean, at least they're getting creative with the blog spam. It makes no sense, but it's not a cancer widow.


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