Tuesday, December 13, 2022

From The Spamfiles

Last spamfiles post of the year! Kind of. You’ll see.

message from “isabella” saying Hello dear how are you doing
Often I look at spam and have to wonder who the hell this could possibly work on. I mean, Hello dear? How are you doing? Who writes messages like that? Is there really someone out there going “Oh! Isabella is contacting me! Boy, she sure sounds normal!”

message from FB (Facebook, I assume) saying “spam02 FB, Someone tried to log into your account
I do love it when the spam calls itself spam in the message and still expects you to believe it.

Message from Mehmet Yildiz, saying they’re a registered Lawyer from Europe, specifically Turkey, and they want to share some ideas
Wait, is Turkey part of Europe? Hold on, I have to google something. Okay, technically a small part of it is in Europe, but the vast majority of the country is in Asia, and they themselves have mixed reactions at being called European, with it leaning towards no. You’d think a lawyer from there would know that.

message from Michael Alezandro, saying hi, good day, I’m establishing direct communication with you soliciting for your assistance
For someone trying to establish direct communication, they sure are wordy and unclear.

blog comment from Ximena, saying they’re using this medium to inform the world how they got cured from herpes, all thanks to someone called Dr. Itua
Wow, he can cure all those? You think he’d be more famous. Also I’m thinking he’s not a doctor, he probably just changed his first name to “Dr”. It would explain the lack of period in the abbreviation.


  1. Her name is Ximena Jimena? Humena Humena is what my ear hears when I see those names. (I knew a girl named Ximena. The X was pronounced as an H.) Brilliant.

  2. Ah, yes, spellcaster spam.

    The great problem of actually posting it is that it brings out even more spellcaster spam.

  3. O, that doctor can cure people of so many things!!!

  4. what an amazing doctor! I think he needs to come here and cure me of all my ills...


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