Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October Goals

Well, October 1 was the first Tuesday of the month, which means it’s time to post my goals. Which is good, because I didn’t feel like coming up with a post anyway : P. And first, let’s see how I did for September…

September Goals

1. Work on being more social online. It’s hard for me, but I want to be more active on the sites I’ve joined and get myself more out there. Ugh, I’m not looking forward to this.
Not bad? Not exactly a win, but not a loss, either. I’m still on my Tumblr, Twitter, and obviously, my blog, so yay?

2. Add 30K to my new project. I better do it, too!
Okay, this one is more no than yes. I think if you add it up, it was 30K, but it was split between this one and my other one, which was goal number three.

3. Actually add something to the horror side project this time. I also have a few more horror ideas I want to expand (they’re just fragments right now; I’d like some actual thoughts on what to do with them).
Like I said, I worked on my horror side project, and I did pretty well on it, too. This is a total win, although I probably should have focused more on my paranormal apocalyptic.

Not bad, considering it was also a busy month outside of writing. Now for October…

October Goals

1. Finish Horror Project A, also known as Enduring Eternity. Maybe I’ll share it with you guys.

2. Get 30K words down, preferably more in the paranormal apocalyptic than my other horror project.

3. Keep updating my etymology page. Remember all the trouble I had with that? Oh, man, this is not going to be fun.

So that’s it. What are your plans for this month?


  1. 30k is great no matter how it was split up, if you ask me!

    My goal for October is to get other projects off my plate so I can concentrate on revisions for Book 2 of my series. I also want to leave the languishing Book 3 file closed and have faith that solutions to its plot holes will come to me later. I have a short story in an anthology launching this month, plus I'll finally be able to share my next book cover.

    And another VERY important goal: Not snap in one of my faculty meetings and say what I REALLY think.

  2. Oh, Enduring Eternity is such an awesome title! My mind is exploding with possibilities. Yes, please do tell us more!

    My goals... Not die. Yup. While in charge of a Trunk or Treat, one other major community event, my cover reveal, prep work for my blog tour, home schooling the kids, and 2 birthdays... Well, you get the idea. I'll be even happier if I magically make it through my second round of revisions. =)

  3. Sometimes two projects is good.
    My goal is just to survive this week...

  4. Enduring Eternity is a good title!

    And a metaphor for the lineup at any government office.

  5. 30K to new project? I notice you didn't specify which one. Which makes that a win, I think.

    My goals for October? I barely have goals for tomorrow.

  6. Happy October and I hope you succeed in all this. I'd like to finish one of my drafts.

  7. 30k is great.
    I'm doing well to get 2. : \


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