Saturday, August 13, 2022

Why Does It Always Happen At Night?

The road work is finally done, but that doesn’t stop things like this from happening.
Panel 1, me in bed sleeping, panel 2, me waking up to a loud thumping noise on the roof, panel three, me listening as more thumping goes across the roof, Panel 4, me saying well this is alarming,
It seriously sounded like someone walking around on the roof. You know, at midnight.


  1. I'm used to those kind of noises now, but I live on the ground floor of a two story building. The upstairs neighbors like to stomp when they come in and go out.

  2. Birds do that on my house. They are surprising loud. And, one time, a whole flock of turkeys. Now that did sound like a sleigh and reindeer.

  3. Seagulls? At my place it's usually seagulls.


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