Saturday, August 20, 2022


This really did turn into a huge thing between me and my mom.
me with my mom, her showing me her phone asking about the sleepy face with a bubble emoji; panel 1, she says what is this, I say the sleeping emoji, you said you wanted a nap; panel 2, she say it's not sleeping, the emoji with the ZZZs on it is, and I say it means the same thing; panel 3, she says don't be ridiculous, it has a tear, it's crying, and I say it's not coming out of the eye, it's a bubble, not a tear; panel 4, she says you don't make a bubble when you sleep, I say you don't make ZZZs either but that doesn't bother you, she says it's not sleeping, it's crying, and I yell Sleeping.
Obviously it’s sleeping, right???


  1. I do not know what half of the emojis mean. More than half, likely. I use the one with the glasses, the one with the sunglasses, and that's about it. Have you tried typing "sleep" into the emoji screen when texting? See what comes up.

  2. I barely ever use emojis because I don't know what most of them mean and I'm afraid of insulting someone or giving the wrong message when I misuse them.


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