Tuesday, August 9, 2022

From The Spamfiles

Spam’s back!

A spam message from a very long email address saying account recover alert, followed by fifty random letters, you read that right FIFTY
Wow. That is a lot of random letters. Do they think it makes it look more official?

A message from Facebook with a single 0 in place of both Os saying Anemul has tried to hack into my non-existent account
Wow. They didn’t even bother to put 0s in their Facebook (Faceb00k?) spoof account.

Message saying Notification, natural options to reduce dementia, except they spelled notification without the second I
The first step in helping with dementia is realizing that they spelled “notification” wrong.

Message from Dobli Kablan talking about her rich father's money, clearly setting up a phishing scam
Ah, the famous foreign girl who needs help getting her money that has been stolen by a Wicked Relative. All I need to do is wire her some money. Then some more money.
A new Twitter follower of mine named Octavia Eckmann, who has no profile pic, just joined last month, has only one follower, and is advertising an only fans that's supposedly free
Look at my most recent follower. I love that they’re “TOP2.60% of ” and they just don’t finish because it doesn’t matter, it’s all just lies anyway.


  1. Because Octavia is the sort of name anyone wants to have.

  2. When they can't even spell Facebook right...

  3. Again the strange mis-spelling is a big give-away!

  4. They don't even try to make it look official. Sigh.


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