Tuesday, August 16, 2022

From The Spamfiles

Do you think these might be scams?

spam message soliciting sex saying many girls can’t live without their stupid devices
“Many girls can’t live without their stupid devices”, okay, why do you have to gender that? That’s a people thing. Jerk.

yet another sex spam, this one claiming they invented a new game called sex billiard
Apparently they invented “sex billiard”. I am afraid to find out what that involves yet am horrified to admit I’m curious.

an offer for special elongation saying a guy offered his wife, ew, to African tribesmen, ew and racist, as a gift, super sexist and disgusting
Wow. I don’t know where to start, the disgusting sexism or the disgusting racism. I can’t eat the amount this makes me want to vomit.

spam from Very Urgent thanking me for my message confirmation is required two days to go, no I don’t know what that means
Better than the last bunch, but I think I need more of a palate cleanser, maybe a nice cancer widow who needs to give me her money.

yet another new twitter follower who just joined a few months ago and is nothing but pictures of an attractive woman
There’s something… off about this one. I mean, off more than usual. It’s the way she’s posed in all of her pictures, where she looks more like a doll than an actual human being. In each one, her head is tilted down in spite of it being awkward. Anyone else catching that vibe?


  1. It is a little awkward. Boy, you really get the dirty spam.

  2. Oh wow, are we sure she's alive? This is either a Weekend at Bernie's vibe, or she's drugged up there. My brain went to a dark, dark place with those pictures.

  3. Or maybe someone once told her that was her best angle and she took it to heart.

  4. Sex billiards, eh? How weird could it be?


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