Tuesday, August 23, 2022

From The Spamfiles

The last one of these for several weeks! I’m sure you’ll miss it.
message saying girlfriends always think about new clothes, jewelry, spa, and other girls’ stuff.”
Tell me you’ve never had a conversation with a woman without telling me you’ve never had a conversation with a woman.
spam message that says last seen ten minutes ago
“Last seen ten minutes ago”? Why are you stalking this woman???

spam with an email address of Congratulations, while the message says Wells Fargo is trying to give me a hundred dollars
So they’re congratulating me because I have to authorize Wells Fargo sending me a hundred dollars. I’m pretty sure they’re just throwing random words around at this point.

spam saying knock, knock, who’s there? A free knife
Man, I have so many free knives. And it’s true they’re frequently knocking.
message purporting to be from Eddie Debra saying they sent me a message at the tour site and wanting to know why I haven’t responded
Eddie Debra (?) sent me a message at the “tour site” (???) and they are shocked, shocked I say, that I haven’t responded.


  1. They really can't come up with real names, can they?

  2. The knife bit reminds me of someone at work who got fired for bringing in a butterfly knife. From what I heard it was the last straw in a long line of dumbassery.

  3. William's comment reminds me of this one time at the continuation high school. I don't remember how we got on the topic, but the boy I was talking to told me he had been expelled from his home school. Upon further questioning, he told me all about how he had brought a knife to school... This was quite the story. Not a bad kid, but teenagers really don't have good judgement.


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