Tuesday, November 16, 2021

From The Spamfiles

It’s spam day! Since I’m not doing regular posts next week, maybe I’ll do some spam posts? Best of the spam I’ve gotten over the years. Yes, that sounds easy like something people would enjoy.

Did she get tossed in a pit of acid? Because I imagine that would melt a lot of fat away.

This one seems very unsure of itself. I suppose having all those question marks helps with liability. Also, the quotes around ‘free’ there. Because we all know it isn’t free.

Okay, about the random English words in this language I don’t know: obviously it’s supposed to attract people (gamblers, I suppose, based on the words “win” and “poker”). But why though? Why random English in some other language? Does that actually work on people? Oh my god. That actually works on people.

Is the unusual activity putting spaces in between each letter of Google? Because I do find that suspicious.

They were so close to sounding like a real human, and then they ruined it with that “Disclaimer: Note:” and claiming to have found my email through “manually” efforts. Also the fact that they say they’re not a spammer is a huge red flag. No idea why they’re mentioning “The CAN-SPAM Act of 2003” either.


  1. The IWSG email gets ones like that last one all the time.

  2. Can we toss all the spammers into acid?

    I got a real comment on a 2019 post the other day. It was about a widow dying of cancer. The comment noted she's still alive and sending the exact same message.

  3. Perhaps those English words mean something different in that language. Or they've borrowed them from English, much like English borrows words from other languages. Or I'm just spending too much time trying to figure out spam. Probably that last one.

  4. Can you cook spam in acid? I thought it had to be fried...


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