Tuesday, November 30, 2021

From The Spamfiles

Time for some post-Thanksgiving spam. Because we haven’t had enough of that.

I don’t think these people know how to use question marks.

No, no, it’s an Amzon card. You’re thinking of the other place.

I got to admit, the tongue emoji really freaks me out.
So many questions on this one. First of all the “felicidades” is kind of a weird opening. Next is the fact that saying you’re from “California, USA” is not how humans talk. Finally, they’re a “Crypto trader” and we can all agree that this is the scamiest scam that ever scammed.

Oh, yes, this is super legit. All I ever do is share “fitness resources” on this blog. My audience would definitely find it valuable, that’s why you guys come back here, isn’t it? My fitness resources?


  1. You keep my spam detector muscles fit...

  2. I got a similar email about my blog, although it was for... and now I can't recall. It was something equally random about a link I had shared. And they wrote back a few times. Sigh. You'd think being ignored the first time they would have figured it out.

  3. I know I always come by for your fitness resources. Because I am ALL about fitness.

    And you're right...the people in that first message really don't know how to use question marks. Maybe they thought they were exclamation points instead?


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