Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Spamfiles Classics 1

It’s Thanksgiving week, so I’m off doing other stuff. How about some spam?

One of the first pieces of spam I put on here. I still have no idea what it’s supposed to be saying.

Oh wow. I forgot about the era when I kept getting spam with random phrases in the body of the message, such as “Saturday morning charlie hung up her head”. They really knew how to make spam back then.

Protect your family from Sex Offenders! And stop the ringing in your ears and fall asleep naturally! Of course those two things are related!!!

This man’s deeply held religious beliefs won’t let him be a party to stealing my lottery funds, but apparently they also don’t make him feel the urge to do anything besides tell me about it.

Access to this information is privileged! You guys better not tell anyone about this, or Oaks Chambers will get you!


  1. Because Harrell Chris sounds like a real name.

  2. The client *may* be related to you. I mean, who has long-lost relatives anymore?

  3. That first one looks like they just took a bunch of random words from an infomercial and threw them all in there...

  4. What? I hang up my head every time I take it off. I don't want it rolling around on the floor, after all.


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