Saturday, November 27, 2021

Spamfiles Classics 3

I should be back Tuesday! Probably!

First of all, those things aren’t mutually exclusive. Second of all, way to prey on people’s insecurities, spammers.

You go ahead and enjoy all that tasty knowledge. It’s been deep fried.

When you’re telling someone off, obviously you open with a “Hi” and their email address name.

Yeah, if you want your family to survive, definitely go building an assault rifle yourself. Smart!

It just wouldn’t be spam if there wasn’t at least one cancer widow. I love how she specifies that his “brief illness” lasted five days, because that’s an important detail. Somebody has to help her before her adorpted son steals all the money away from her!


  1. Rebecca is pissed.

    The cancer problem. Sure, that sounds legit.

  2. Amazing how similar all these cancer widows' stories are.

  3. I just love when they completely miss the mark. "Are you a bad mom/wife?" Well, as I am neither...


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