Tuesday, November 9, 2021

From The Spamfiles

Let’s see how people are trying to scam me this week.

Yes, because Sisters are always handing out “over Five million Eight hundred thousand dollars”.

The best solution to paying down your high interest credit cards is to take out a high interest loan. It’s just common sense.

Wait, isn’t that the hitman from the Godfather? Uh-oh. This might be bad.

Okay, I’m instantly suspicious of the name Jennifer only being spelled with one N.

Now this is a delicious piece of spam. Corrupt government officials have kept my fund to themselves for their selfish reason!!! But not to worry, they’ll send it to me via Visa ATM Card and I can get it from any ATM with a MasterCard logo.


  1. Well at least they were honest that they were holding the fund for selfish reasons.

  2. Wait. You're not impressed that the FBI met with the UNO (it's funny, when you write ie like that. Is there even a UNO?) for TWO MONTHS because someone stole some money from you? That's some serious business.

  3. I have met a Jenifer. She's a teacher. (People do weird things to names. That's tame by comparison.)

  4. The Godfather hitman has been hired by the Sisters Of Little Or No Mercy to take out Jenifer, whose trademark giveaway is her compulsion to spell her name with one N.

  5. I said the same thing about the Luca Brassi email (before I saw your comment).

    And apparently, the personal loan people don't realize that Sister Iho Viviane is gifting you with five million eight hundred thousand dollars.


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