Tuesday, September 28, 2021

From The Spamfiles

You ready?

This one is just kind of bizarre. First the whole “Staff Shirts & Photos” thing—what does that even mean? Then there’s the fact that the message itself has one of those click here to stop receiving these notifications thing, which is basically the spammiest thing ever. Then there’s the rather mundane message asking how I am, that I could almost mistake for being real if it didn’t have a few rogue capital letters in there. Taken all together, it’s just weird.

Oh great, they’re after Greg again. Apparently they have a role that’s perfect for him.

This message is in Spanish, and I know just enough of that to be able to see what a scam this is. No one says “I have the honor of presenting a product” that isn’t trying to get your money.
Seriously, what’s with all the commas? Are you taking a really long pause???

Why is this guy’s profile pic a bedroom set??? I don’t know what “Dota” is, though it really seems like a setup for a “deez nutz” joke.
Let’s try all.


  1. I've probably said it before, but we need to find Greg and rub him out to end the spam.

  2. I know the repeated periods, but repeated commas are a whole new thing. Perhaps we should adopt it.

  3. Dota Guy must have something going for him. He has 57 followers!

    1. Absolutely! The number of followers has increased by 4, to 61 as of now!


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