Tuesday, September 7, 2021

September Goals

Is it time to do this already? Didn’t I just have one of these posts? Whatever. It’s September. Time to see what I didn’t get done last month, which was a lot, because I had way too much going on.
August Goals
1. Finish my editing notes on WIP 2 and hopefully get to work on them (we’ll see).
I didn’t get to this, unfortunately.
2. Get back to WIP 1 and again, work on the descriptions. I like the premise so much and think it’s really unique, and I just want the writing to live up to what I’m going for.
Or this. For my birthday month, it was way too stressful!
At least there weren’t any problems with this.
Now for this month…
September Goals
1. Get WIP 1 beta ready. I’m really trying to get this on in good shape. If anyone can take a look at it, let me know.
2. Get drafts done of the synopsis and query for WIP 1.
3. Get to the notes on WIP 2 if I have the time.
I’m probably overshooting with that last one, but I’d like to keep it on my radar. It has half as many notes as WIP 1 did, so either it’s written better or I’m way more tolerant. What do you want to do this month? You ready for the change in seasons?


  1. Well, no birthday this month to distract you.

  2. Sometimes I keep things on my list so that it'll go on the next list. Eventually it all gets done. (I'd say I could read, but it seems like I'm doing all long terms all the time, so I barely have time for anything right now. Hopefully things'll calm down in a month or two.)

  3. I can read (assuming it's not one I've already read). Good luck with your goals this month!

  4. The change in seasons is long overdue.


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