Tuesday, September 14, 2021

From The Spamfiles

Back to spam! Yay!

My unsubscribe request is being handled by the Unsubscribe TEAM. That’s how you know it’s real.

Oh, I just love this one. First of all, they spell attention wrong—twice—then they call me sir. Is it any wonder that it’s their “second email” to me without any response?

Apparently we’re getting audio messages by email now? I got to say, I like that system. Though I have no idea what the “world’s first 100% automated phone-based funnel” is. Why would you even need that? How does it WORK???

They saw me in their dreams! They must be a real psychic!!!
Look at this run of spam comments I’ve received, apparently asking me if I want to commit a crime. Which I do. Just not that one.


  1. And it's Mr. Dara too. Because Dara sounds like a guy's name.

    I'm thinking that a law should be passed making the murder of a spammer at any time and for any reason into justifiable homicide.

  2. I'm pretty sure advertising your scam to all and sundry isn't a good way to get a lot of people involved in your scam. Unless you're looking for law enforcement types...

  3. No, no... That's "at tension." It's trying to speak directly to your muscles.

  4. Why do they spam several blog posts at the same time? They always do that. I mean, it's really easy to delete, so perhaps we should encourage them to keep doing that.


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