Tuesday, September 21, 2021

From The Spamfiles

Man, the unsubscribe TEAM really wants me to unsubscribe. I guess it is their job after all.

They say they have the answers to my questions and I was like “What questions?” before realizing that must be the question to which their referring. Like, whoa.

Wait, I had a girlfriend??? No one told me about this!

Boy, they sound really desperate for me to unsubscribe. Maybe if they had an Unsubscribe TEAM this wouldn’t happen.

Are you telling me that EXTRA89204480 who just joined Twitter three months ago isn’t followed by any of my followers? How is this possible? They are EXTRA!


  1. Considering all the spammer women with weird names out there wanting to send you x rated pix, it was inevitable one would think they were your girlfriend.

  2. I wonder who the one follower Extra89204480 has is....

  3. I do get so tired of all the spam directed at men. Although, perhaps they are more likely to fall for it?

  4. I guess if you forgot you had a girlfriend that you're probably keeping that little secret of hers. Which is good, you know, because she says it's important.

    I always enjoy your spam posts. :)


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