Tuesday, August 25, 2020

From The Spamfiles

Last post for a couple weeks! Why? Because it’s my birthday tomorrow!!! AAAAHHHHH!

Anyway, spam.

Man, I better reply to this thing I didn’t sign up for. Otherwise I can’t use all faitures.

There’s that 18 with the strikethrough again. Why does it bother me so? It just always makes me think that it DOESN’T want 18 year olds, which I really strenuously hope is the opposite of their intention. Then again, the only thing clicking on that email will get you is a computer virus, so maybe it doesn’t matter too much.

Does she not have emojis enabled on her computer? Though I’m sure we can guess what they’re supposed to be: flame, flame, heart, 18-strikethrough, flame, eggplant, water droplets.

Honestly, I’m just glad to get a spam that isn’t soliciting me for sex for a change.

I mean, this one technically isn’t, but we all know it really is.

I have so many questions. What the hell does the 5bf75bf76a mean??? Is it a serial number for the woman you’re buying? Because I can’t make a funny joke about that. It’s just horrible.

Look at this. This is not even half of the 85 blog comments I got over the course of just a few minutes! All from the same "lehman kartojo" and all the exact same words. I’m not sure what exactly it says since it’s another language, but considering every other word is viagra, I think we can figure it out.

Part 2 a couple of hours later. The only difference is this one was from "Maddox Pax". It keeps happening every day at about ten thirty in the morning. At one point, I logged in to find I had almost five hundred messages, from a few different addresses, all with the same "Nice! viagra viagra viagra". They seem to be going through every single blog post of mine and adding this same message. I really wish I could block commenters.

That’s it for me! I’ll probably put up cat pictures for the next week and a half, but I won’t be around the blog-o-sphere much. I’ll be trying to do this new thing they call “relaxing away from social media”. Let’s hope it works.


  1. Spammers seem to have latched onto you.

  2. Happy birthday and enjoy all of that cake!

  3. Happy birthday.

    For the spammer commenter, I discovered how easy it is to delete comments from the comments on the sidebar. Oooh, so easy. I know, you probably already knew that, but I only discovered it a few months ago. (Kind of like I discovered Jamboard on Sunday. OMG, how did I not know there's a whiteboard app for computer?)

  4. I know someone by the surname Lehman, but he's too busy to spam total strangers for no reason.

  5. A really belated Happy Birthday :-). I haven't been checking blogs for nearly a fortnight now.


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