Tuesday, August 4, 2020

August Goals

Oh, wow. It’s August. Normally I’d be thrilled since it’s my birthday month, but… you know. 2020. I’m afraid if I get excited about anything my entire life will catch on fire.

Okay, goals.

July Goals
1. Finish first round of editing notes on WIP. I have over four hundred of them, mostly me telling myself to add more descriptions.
Hey, I did this, adding almost 10K more words because of it. There are still a few things that need work, but will hopefully be taken care of in other edits.

2. After finishing the above, complete the next round of structure edits on the WIP.
I didn’t complete it, but not for lack of trying. I spent the last two weeks working on it (trimming some words from the above edit) and there’s still a bit more to take care of. I’ve been doing way too much telling instead of showing in this WIP.

3. Look at the yearly goals I’m supposed to be working on that I’m sure I’ve made no progress on. Eep.
Taken care of. Now I can forget about these until the end of the year! XD

Actually not bad. As for August…

August Goals
1. Finish the edit from last month and really work on the whole telling instead of showing thing.

2. Get to the next editing pass where I work on descriptions in particular.

3. Birthday! Please don’t let that exclamation point cause the entire thing to be ruined.

This is what I want to do this month. What are you up to?


  1. I hope to complete the book that I am currently reading: Margaret Atwood's Oryx and Crake. Then make some more progress with my French lessons.

  2. Regarding 2020: let's just all stop asking, 'what's the worst that can happen'.

  3. Good idea to keep your expectations low this year. That way nothing will surprise you.

  4. You had a good July! Now for cake all month.

  5. Your July was better than mine. I hope your August is just as good.

  6. When I heard about people having birthday parades and no parties for birthdays in April, I thought, "Oh, that'll all be over by *my* birthday". Silly me. But, as long as you weren't planning on a huge party, it'll be fine.

  7. Looks like you had an excellent July, goal-wise anyway.

    May your birthday month treat you well!

  8. There has never been a time in my post-10-year-old life where I have ever been excited for my birthday.


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