Tuesday, July 30, 2019

From The Spamfiles

Whoo! Another Tuesday! That means more spam!

Local Ladies° is approximately 108.5° Fahrenheit (or 42.5° Celsius).

Lake Stevens, that’s for Greg. He really has to get on top of his unclaimed assets. Because he has a lot of them.

Now, Brazilian women are not Hispanic (they’re Portuguese speaking), but they are indeed Latina. The more you know.

Save money on your home warranty by replaces spaces with underscores!

Once again, spam eliciting me to unsubscribe by writing to a physical address. Because apparently you unsubscribe to spam like we’re in the fifties.

Sigh. I bet all three of those statements are total lies. But presumably you can see the photos.


  1. Someone is underscore happy. Or just doesn't know where the space bar is located.

  2. Because when you think legitimate names, Sherill comes to mind.

  3. If I get a home warranty, will they replace my home for free if it breaks?

  4. I also like the 'o' replaced with a '0'. Makes it look totally legit!

  5. It's 108.5? Not 108? Not 109?


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