Tuesday, July 23, 2019

From The Spamfiles

Time to spam it up.

It’s very confused.

Uh, Lissa, nine videos clearly outweigh nine pictures. You don’t downgrade your offers. Come on. Common sense.

Greg’s been busy again. Also, Elfrieda, Faustino, Leandro… all excellent names.

Okay, a lot to unpack here. The implication is that strippers are somehow not “normal girls” which is… yeah, it’s offensive. The reveal of something named “Stripper Shark”, the ultimate “Stripper Banging System” is both offensive and highly disturbing.

Sometimes spam doesn’t try.

Huh, is the Stripper Shark from Shark Tank too? I mean, I assume it’s not but you know. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out it was.

I just… This is a woman named James? Whose one tweet is “I thank god in my life”? …Is that a frigging gun?!?!???!!!


  1. Stripper Shark sounds like it should be a movie.
    Also, Lissa's pictures and videos aren't very private.

  2. You missed a monster spam comment I got yesterday. Lord John (or Jim or something) offered to make people vampires. It had something to do with posture...

  3. Or it's Karlie James and she's dyslexic.

    Damn you, Greg Smith! May you come down with an aggressive form of Ebola.


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