Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Did You Even Read The Post?

Got another crazy spam I couldn’t resist sharing.
December two thousand frigging ten, in other words the year I started this blog. Said post, as was typical of my early rambley posts, prattled on about books and forgetting the key to my mom’s house and having to creatively think of a way in. I sure as hell didn’t share any fitness resources. Apparently they don’t think people will check. Which…yeah, spam all over.

Things I can’t help but notice:

“Data-backed study” as opposed to all those studies without any data.

What usage of fitness and food related posts? How are they being used? You might as well say it’s a study of water posts on Facebook.

Fitness and Food are capitalized. Instagram is not. I find this curious.

Also, looking up the website Morgan Reiner is emailing me from indicates that it’s no longer in use. Fitnessgoals.com is still a site, but it’s “About Us” section reveals very little about who’s actually running it. Overall, shady as hell.

What do you think, audience? Do you find it valuable? What do you think this Morgan Reiner is after?


  1. Attention, money, more attention, more money, maybe a passport?

    I've noticed a spammer in a number of the photoblogs I follow whose comments are actually on topic- but always features a link to their website in each comment- a website on hentai in anime.

  2. Maybe they think this is how to build engagement with their site....

  3. I get these once in a while. It almost sounds on topic, but it's someone just trying to put out links for themselves. SEO doesn't work if the comments are deleted. (I think. Actually, I don't know for sure.)

  4. Oh, come on, you know you put fitness resources in your post in a secret code. The spammer finally cracked it!


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