Tuesday, August 22, 2017


Well, yesterday was the big eclipse. It was way lamer than they said it would be.

That was the sun during the nearest to totality we got around here. No, I’m not actually looking at the sun. I’m not an idiot. I just kind of aimed my phone up and took pictures, then found one that actually looked like something. I had a colander that was pretty good at showing the eclipse from the sun pouring through the holes, but I could never get a good picture of it. Here’s my play by play of the day:

2:00 EDT: Nothing yet.

2:15 EDT: Still no visible change from the colander, although the ambient light was dimmer.

2:36 EDT: Sun is looking a little lopsided there.

2:47 EDT: The half-sun shadow I see is supposed to be the most eclipsed it’s going to be around here. But if anything, it’s brighter outside because the clouds cleared a bit.

2:55 EDT: Still kind of dim, but there’s nothing eclipse-y going on here.

3:15 EDT: Sun back to normal. I’m not sure anything even happened. I’m beginning to think this whole eclipse thing was a scam.

What a total waste. I mean, it was better than working, but not by enough. Did you see anything cool yesterday? Do you know when the next eclipse where you live is?


  1. I got similar pictures with my phone. It did dim some, but we were still getting 6% pf the sun's light and it was a lot more light than I thought it would be. Bit of a bust. I was in Oregon for the 1979 eclipse and it got really dark outside that time.

  2. Ironically enough, it was too overcast here to even see the sun.

  3. In 2024 there's to be one that comes through Canada.

    We had a partial eclipse here and clear skies. I did step out at the peak time and looked about- there was this odd tone to the blue sky.

  4. Awww. I love eclipses. We only got to 62%, so it didn't get too dim. We almost lost out as it was overcast at the start, but the clouds cleared out sooner than expected.

  5. I've never experienced an eclipse of the sun. Maybe one day...

  6. I looked directly at the near-total eclipse a number of times. Someone at work had the special glasses for it.


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