Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Perfect Place

More from my apocalypse survival guide. Which I’m really not sure what to do with. I still haven’t made a blog for it (as you may have noticed), but I don’t know how to make it work.

Anyway, like in real estate, surviving the apocalypse requires location-location-LOCATION. Pick a bad one, and you’re screwed.

The Mall
Pros:    Lots of stores means lots of supplies.
            Plenty of space for a lot of people.
            Can finally take everything you want without consequence.

Cons:   There are a lot of entrances you’ll have to guard.
            The amount of supplies you have access to depends on a lot of things, like how big the mall is, how well-stocked it is, and what kind of stores it has (you’re not very secure in a mall filled with clothing stores).
            There’s no electricity to power all the fancy stuff you steal.

Grocery Store
Pros:    Tons of food, which is the most important thing to have access to (besides water, of course).
            Should have plenty of water, too, so you’re good there.
            Not as much space as a mall, but still a lot.
            Smaller means fewer entrances and easier to defend.

Cons:   All that fresh meat and produce is going to go bad real fast.
            Plus there’s a bunch of things like cake mixes and spices that aren’t going to be much good.
            Seriously, everyone is going to try and raid the grocery store. You’re in for a tough fight.

Warehouse Club Store
Pros:    Basically a big grocery store.
            Has random things that can be useful, like clothes and tires, which could be useful.
            Some of these places sell guns.

Cons:   A lot of useless stuff (although not as much as a mall). We’re probably not going to need cheap phones and OPEN signs during the apocalypse.
            Another prime target for looters.

Survival Bunker
Pros:    Isolated can be good, depending on the apocalypse.
            You won’t have as many annoying people to deal with.

Cons:   There’s no one around to help you.
            Unless you’ve managed to become self-sustaining, you are going to have to leave for supplies at some point.
            You better hope you don’t get locked in.

Your House/Apartment
Pros:    Duh, it’s your house.
            Most people are going to hit stores first, so you should be okay for a while.

Cons:   There’s going to be some risk in going out for supplies.
            Depending on the type of apocalypse, your house might not be safe (it could get melted by lava or slide off into the ocean or something).
            Your house might not be secure enough to keep you alive in a lawless, post-apocalyptic wasteland.

Where will you ride out the apocalypse?


  1. Military bunker. Lots of MREs.
    Maybe this should be your theme for the Challenge instead?

  2. A house is not less safe from lava than a mall or a grocery store.

  3. I think I said this before. I intend to die in the first wave. While my knitting skills might be useful in a nuclear winter, I have no other useable skills.


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