Saturday, March 29, 2014

More Zombocalypse Fun

I was always surprised that with all the zombie apocalypse stuff that’s out there, people don’t use the word zombocalypse for short. But frigging ginormous, that’s okay.

Sometimes I am just so mad at the world.

Anyway, Liz shared with me this awesome test of your zombie apocalypse survival skills. It tests your knowledge of zombies, how fast you can react, and asks about your overall physical health in order to determine how long you would last should a zombie apocalypse occur. I got 84 days, probably because I’m not exactly an athlete. If the zombies chasing me aren’t the slow, shambling variety, I’m getting eaten.

I’m not sure how accurate this survey is considering how short it is, but it will indicate whether or not you need to start hitting the gym to avoid the oncoming zombie hordes.

So how long will you live for? Be sure to share!


  1. I love that word!!

    If my publisher picks up the option for a fourth and fifth book in my MG series, the dead will definitely be rising in Book 5. Can I use the word zombocalypse? Can I? Can I? *jumps up and down* I'll credit you in the Acknowledgments.

    It totally sounds like something my protagonist Jax would say!

  2. I got eighty five days. I suspect I messed up in the zombie symptoms area.

  3. See, my 43 days is puny. But I knew I wasn't going to do well.

  4. I think if it actually happened I would have probably died during the first day, but according to the quiz I survived 86 days!

  5. I got 57, but I can't run, so...

  6. I got 64. I don't think that's good.


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