Tuesday, March 4, 2014

March Goals

Ugh, February. It really is the Monday of the months. The newness of the year that comes with January is stale, plus the weather is, at best, frigidly cold, and at worst a slush-filled blanket that you have to get out of the driveway before the temperature drops and it freezes over until mid-March. So in summation, February, I hate you.

I already know I didn’t do a good job on my goals this month, because of that list I made staring me in the face every day. Ugh. Again.

February Goals
1. Finish outline, read aloud, and notes for REMEMBER. This is going to be a big one…
Nope, didn’t do this. I opened up REMEMBER and found out it was way more unfinished than I thought it was. The outline is done except for the places it’s STILL unfinished, and I obviously wasn’t able to get to the rest since there’s no point in starting if the rough draft isn’t complete.

2. Send out 10 queries for COLLAPSE (AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!) and revise query as needed.
This I did, netting me two rejections already. I’ve worked on my query a bit, gotten it to the point where I actually think it’s good. I just have to wait and see, which I totally hate.

3. Work on Apocalypse Blog.
Uh, kind of? I posted another apocalypse thing last Saturday, which means it was technically in March, although I wrote it in February. I didn’t start up the actual blog yet, because I’m still not sure it could stand alone as its own blog. I might keep this as a feature here.

Not a very good job. Querying was even more stressful than I anticipated (and I anticipated stress!), so I kept working on my shiny new project rather than REMEMBER like I was supposed to. Anyway, now for March.

March Goals
1. Send out 10 more queries for COLLAPSE (still AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!).

2. Write two more Apocalypse posts for (I hope) your entertainment.

3. Actually finish REMEMBER. And maybe, if I do, write the book that’s been rolling around in my head the past couple of weeks!

Okay. I think this is doable. What are you up to this March? Do you other A-to-Z-ers have your posts ready yet?


  1. I think you can do it.
    Since you're still writing and the Challenge is coming up, maybe best to hold off on second blog until May. Believe me, maintaining more than one blog is a lot of work.

  2. How did you get the book to roll?

  3. I'm busy this month marking papers.

    And it's probably better to contain to one blog.

  4. I hope you have time to get that book on paper before it stops rolling in your head.

  5. Unicorn Bell is doing query critiques this week. In case, you know, you'd like another opinion...

    Funny you'd call February the Monday of months as it seems to have the most Monday holidays in it...

    Sometimes you just need to play with the shiny new idea. Remember will be there when your brain is ready for it.

    A to Z... I keep going back and forth on this. I have like three or four big papers due that month. But I still manage to get blog posts written anyway. And I have 3/4ths of a plan in place. But will I really have time...? Yeah, still deciding if I should or not.

  6. If I tried to do AtoZ this year, I WOULD go mad.

    Big things are brewing in my writing cave... ;)

  7. Go go with the querying!!
    I'm with Melissa, I can't manage a full A-Z this year.


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