Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Blogger’s Block

Yes, I have such terrible blogger’s block right now. I can’t think of any good posts. Well, I did for the rest of the week, but today I came up blank. So instead, I’ll post ideas of what to do when you have blogger’s block.

Sure, that’ll work.

Things to do when you can’t think of what to post, in order from most to least effort.
1. Write a book review. You actually have to do some writing, but there’s also reading, which is almost no work. As my friend Zoe Whitten said, “I’m riffing off of someone else’s creativity in the absence of my own.”

2. Find an excuse, no matter how flimsy, to repost an old post. There is some effort involved with coming up with the excuse. “I can’t believe what’s going on in Europe. This reminds me of the time I came up with a list of words you should avoid while writing.” (Note, this example might need work.)

3. Convince someone to do a guest post. Again, you may have to put some work into the convincing. It depends on how many followers you have. For the number I have, I’ll have to resort to kidnapping.

4. CAT PICTURES!!! As long as you can get the cats to sit still for a picture. I recommend during nap time.

5. Post a list of what to do when you have blogger’s block.

And to finish us off, here’s a number 4.

This is the post-afternoon pre-evening nap.


  1. How is writing the post about blogger's block less work than the others? Unless you just re-post the blogger's block post every time you have a block, in which case you're doing two at once. Also in which case, we might see this post a lot.

    (I might be convinced to write a guest post.)

  2. Yeah, I could probably be talked into writing a guest post, especially if you gave me a topic!

    When I have blogger's block, I usually just skip. I'm pretty sure no one even notices, except for my pal Marcy Hatch, who will email me and ask if I'm okay!

  3. I was having this thought just this morning. Fancy that! :)

  4. Re #3: No shit. I'm still finding duct tape residue on my mouth and wrists. :P

    I love the posts where people list a collection of links to interesting and helpful posts. I usually find several I haven't visited and wouldn't have known about if they hadn't linked it.

  5. Re #2: I call it Repost Tuesdays. And you left out throwing out a random what if question. Those are always good for fillers.

  6. hey there! i'm jenn, one of tina's minions for the a to z blog challenge. just wanted to drop by and introduce myself.

    those cats look pretty comfortable. seems like they've got a pretty good spot.


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