Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Websites for Writers

I found another awesome site. Grammar is something every writer struggles with. For example, I stick words in there that just aren’t needed. I’m also one of the many who is always writing in the passive sense when I shouldn’t be. We’ve all got something!

In order to be better self-grammar editors, check out Grammar Girl. Quick and dirty tips for better writing, indeed! I loved this post on when to use apart/ahead versus a part/a head. There’s also affect versus effect, which I still screw up all the time (getting better, though). 

My absolute favorite post would have to be the one on ending a sentence with a preposition. That has bugged me for years!


  1. Yeah, passive voice. I have those issues too.

  2. Cool! I'll definitely go checking out. I'm starting with my edits, so this will be uber helpful.


  3. I'm definitely going to check it out - thanks! :-)

  4. I have seen it, and very useful for me that is not an English-speaking.


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