Friday, May 20, 2011

Distraction Friday

Check out this list of “disturbing” books. I’ve not read all of these, but I’ve heard of all of them. Disturbing? Well, perhaps for some people. I thought LORD OF THE FLIES was vicious, but it didn’t bother me. A SEPARATE PEACE wasn’t disturbing at all (just really, really boring).

Actually, some of the books on this list I read on my own, not as part of a school assignment. I read CATCHER IN THE RYE and ANIMAL FARM because I heard things about them and wanted to see if they were true. As South Park illustrated, I’m not sure why CATCHER IN THE RYE was banned. Yes, there was a scene with a prostitute but…it was barely anything in the whole of the story. It kind of brings me back to the subject of “why is sex a no-no when violence is okay?” I mean, LORD OF THE FLIES was brutal! Kids attack and murder each other! And it was required reading for ninth grade! 

Let’s see Holden Caulfield survive on that island for a day.

If you haven't guessed, I didn't enjoy CITR so much. It was okay, just not for me. ANIMAL FARM was a lot more fun and I didn't find it "disturbing" in the least.

But I suppose all that is beside the point. What are your thoughts? Are these books disturbing? Are there any that should be on this list?


  1. I found Lord of the Flies disturbing however I have not read the other two and I agree how can sex be no and kids murdering other kids ok.

  2. I've read five of the seven and the one that got me the worst was Ethan Frome. The others were depressing, though worth reading.

  3. I've only read a couple, but a brave new world is high up on my to read list. Thanks for this. :)

  4. The only one I've read is A Separate Peace (boring? Really?), although a couple of the others are on my TBR list. At least I know ahead of time that they're disturbing.

  5. Of those, I haven't read Ethan Frome.

    It's been years since the others though.

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  7. I'll have to go check out the list, but like you I imagine I've read most of them. Because I love disturbing books. Animal Farm is awesome.

  8. I hated A Separate Peace. That seemed to be the consensus of my 12th grade AP English class (it was assigned). Disturbing? I don't know. I just hated the ending (and if I hate the ending enough, it colors my reaction to the whole book).

    However, I loved Brave New World. Another high school assignment. (I can't remember if it was 12th grade or not.) I was the only one who liked it. Disturbing? I didn't think so.

    I haven't read the others. Well, I've read Animal Farm in classes where I was subbing, so in bits (not necessarily in order) I've read the whole thing. (I've read The House on Mango Street the same way.) I don't find it disturbing at all.

    Okay, comment way too long. End now.

  9. I did NOT like Catcher in the Rye - I found it boring. I don't even remember a prostitute!! Lol... As for the others, never read them. Lord of the Flies does sound like it would be a bit freaky, though - I heard about the kids killing each other. *shudders*

    Having said that, I'm far from squeamish and I've read some books that one could call "disturbing" - Janet Fitch's White Oleander, for example. The MC is only 14 when she loses her virginity to a much older man, by her own choice, and some people might have issues with that. Um... Oh, Lover Awakened by JR Ward is another one - the MC was held captive and beaten and raped repeatedly when he was a newly-transitioned vampire.

    And for the record, I totally agree with you on the "violence being ok but not sex" thing. It's totally ridiculous considering sex is (VERY generally speaking) such a loving act. Sheesh!!


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