Sunday, May 29, 2011

Back. Well, Mostly.

See? I’m still here. Now that things have settled a bit, I’m going to be making new posts instead of cobbling together remnants of discarded posts and calling it good. Unfortunately, I won’t be posting at my usual seven-a-week pace. The future is a bit uncertain right now and there’s nothing that bothers me more than not knowing what’s going to happen. That’s why I’m a writer. I can make anything just how I like it.

So instead of returning to once a day and maybe having to jump out again for another undetermined amount of time, I’m going to post three days a week, Tuesday, Friday and (obviously) Sunday. If I can wing it, I’ll add a fourth post in there somewhere, too.

I’ll try to make Tuesday’s interesting with websites or distractions. Fridays will be etymology day because I’m obsessed with words. Sunday will be my rant day (you know what really grinds my gears?). I don’t know how long this is going to last, but I think it will be for a few months at least.

I hope this doesn’t disappoint anyone as much as it disappoints me. Talk to you later!


  1. I've cut back to three or four times a week. It helps that way to catch up with reading blogs elsewhere.

  2. Three days a week is a fine blogging schedule. I'm sorry things are so up in the air for you right now. I hope everything settles for the good, and soon.

  3. Posting once a day is good at the beginning but not too many of us can keep up that pace!

  4. Thanks for keeping us informed. I totally understand about the uncertain future thing - my life has been like that for quite a while - fun times, no? Anyhow, best of luck and I hope everything straightens out for you.


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